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Finest City Escrow is an independent, full service, licensed escrow company.  This makes it the most secure kind of escrow holder.  Our team of experienced escrow professionals is dedicated to serving the local San Diego real estate community and providing you with excellent service!

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Who's Handling Your Escrow?

For most homebuyers and sellers, the choice of an escrow company is left to their real estate agents. It's not like buying soda or potato chips:  very few people have a favorite escrow brand. But that doesn't mean that all escrow providers are the same.To the contrary, the differences really matter.

Closing Escrow During Covid-19

In everything we do, we bring our unwavering commitment to the safety and security of our clients: to their personal data, to their banking information, and so much more.  During the present Covid-19 pandemic, client safety has taken on new meanings.  We responded quickly and decisively to the keep real estate transactions moving while applying strict health and safety measures to embrace all public health guidelines.

Don't Let Your Guard Down, Be Aware of Wire Fraud

Escrow is all about safeguarding the assets of our clients.  We hold onto funds and documents until everything is in place to finalize the terms of a purchase and sale agreement. At some point during the escrow process, money will need to be sent to us from our buyers, and from us to our sellers.  Because of transaction timelines and an inability to wait for checks to clear the bank, we use wire transfers to move money back and forth.


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